Corporate Development

China US Corporate Development Services, LLC. (CUCDS) is comprised of long term corporate development officers that focus on our client’s critical issues and   opportunities in the areas of business development strategy, mergers and   acquisitions, technology and organization.In our collective careers, we have witnessed the tremendous power of corporate acquisitions in corporate development and growth.  In many situations, well selected   acquisitions complement organic growth capabilities of the core business and achieve results that would not have been possible otherwise.  
CUCDS prides itself on:

  1. Understanding your objectives in great detail and helping to define your acquisition strategy.  The question behind every deal should be: “How will buying this company make my business more valuable?”
  2. Thoroughly searching for potential target companies that are good prospects for   acquisition. Search inquiries are made through extensive research and a wide range of industry connections. All searches are conducted confidentially;
  3. Assisting our client in evaluating prospects and drafting letters of intent;
  4. Performing due diligence to verify the assumptions made in making an offer, and to formulate a plan of operation and integration following closing;
  5. Involving other experts in law, human resources, safety and other areas as required to facilitate proper acquisition;
  6. Conducting the closing and purchasing of a business, confirming initial integration plans in the process;
  7. Overseeing management after the Closing and reporting on the new company’s performance, including assisting with hiring new management as may be required and developing new business relationships.


Acquisitions are a core component of perpetuating corporate growth. Properly sourced and executed, complementary acquisitions accelerate the acquiring company’s capabilities and market reach.
CUCDS principals have more than 30 years’ experience in sourcing proprietary acquisition opportunities, structuring a sensible deal, and assisting in planning the integration and on-going oversight of the new business. In many cases, this may include recruiting key executives, soliciting joint venture arrangements, and arranging acquisition or growth capital financing.

Harald B. Findlay is an experienced corporate development executive with 20+ years of leading the acquisition and integration initiatives for middle market businesses. Over more than 30 acquisitions from $500K to $30 million, all deals were directly sourced from the ownership of the acquired entity and not through “auction” or public bid processes. The typical engagement process involves the steps of: specification development, search for prospects meeting the specifications, meetings with principals to determine potential interest in a divestiture and understanding of seller expectations, review of viable prospects with CUCDS client, development of a formal offer/letter of intent, performance of due diligence, development of “day one” plan of integration, arrangement of financing, closing of the transaction, and monitoring of performance against the plan.

CUCDS also has a variety of intermediary relationships to potentially assist in completing a full scale corporate development program.